Things You Should Know About Akita

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Looking for a dog breed to buy can be difficult. There are so many types of dogs out there, and there are certain aspects of each kind that you may like and some aspects that you are not as happy about. It can be hard to find a perfect breed, and you will want to choose a dog that you will be able to adore in the years to come. Dog is man’s best friend and choosing the right best friend is very important. The breed of Akita dogs is one of the best breeds for someone who wants an intelligent dog who is very loyal to its family or owner.

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The Akita is a large, powerful dog with an intimidating presence. This dog breed was originally used to guard nobility and royalty in Japan. These dogs were also used to track and hunt animals such as black bear, deer and wild boar. These dogs are exceptionally loyal and fearless. The Akita rarely backs down from a challenge and does not get frightened easily. However, these dogs can still be exceptionally affectionate, amusing and respectful if they are trained and socialized the right way.

General Information

The Akita is a large, short-haired dog. They can reach two feet and four inches tall to the shoulder as a general rule and weight anywhere from seventy to one hundred ten pounds. The Akita lives from ten to twelve years. This dog has a large head and small eyes with a very confident stance.

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This dog is very intelligent and affectionate with owners and other family members. Many people describe their Akita as a loving guardian that will follow them around and serve you. These dogs are truly amazing to keep trouble makers away, yet still be caring and loving to their owners. This is not something that people usually can get from one breed of dog, so this is a rare opportunity.

Things to Keep in Mind

The Akita is a truly wonderful dog, but not fit for all owners. These dogs are prone to aggression with other dogs, especially same-sex dogs. If you already have a dog, you should take this into consideration. Also, this breed is not the best choice for someone’s first dog, as they need a lot of firm, non-aggressive training that will teach them to be calm and loving to others.

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This dog is most likely to chase any other pets in the house and they shed a lot of hair. Also, training the Akita takes a lot of skill and patience. They are very intelligent dogs, but also very stubborn. This dog breed is an amazing dog to have, but you should think carefully before buying.

Mike Basi