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Anatolian Shepherds

Everything You Need to Know about Anatolian Shepherds: Temperament, Training and More!

There are over thousands of dog breeds that are either purebred or crossbred that have been raised from different parts of the world to be trained. A lot of dog owners and breeders are looking into taking care of Anatolian Shepherds. Anatolians as its origin suggest were originally domesticated in native Anatolia before it was brought to the US for breeding. Anatolian Shepherd dogs were used by natives as livestock guardian because of its agility and strength. Anatolian Shepherd dogs have a characteristic pendant ear that stoops downward and an overt rectangular muzzle that hangs down below his mouth. Few Anatolian breeders cropped the ears of Anatolian pups into very short length. Most Anatolian Shepherds have brown to black eye color with characteristically slender body.

Anatolian Shepherd Dog: Temperament

Although Anatolian Shepherd is not a herding dog, they are used successfully as livestock guardian as this particular breed has a superior sense of sight, hearing, and smell. Because of the extreme athleticism of Anatolian Shepherd dog, they are commonly used for pet training. However, aspiring Anatolian Shepherd owners need to understand that Anatolians have the tendency to be overprotective, especially within his territory. Usual issues with this breed type include being aggressive to strangers and being overly authoritarian. As a future Anatolian dog owner, it is important to recognize the proper approach in training Anatolian Shepherd dogs.

Anatolian Shepherd: Health Issues

The most common health issues usually encountered by Anatolian Shepherds are hypothyroidism and eyelid entropion. It is advisable for Anatolian breeders and owners to consult with their vet for Parvovirus vaccination as Anatolians develop their immunity slower than other dog breeds.

Anatolian Shepherd: Grooming

Anatolian Shepherds do not usually require meticulous hygiene. Brushing can be done less frequently but needs to be thoroughly brushed during the shedding season. The coat of Anatolian Shepherds usually shed twice a year. You can consult with your vet for products that can limit the shedding of your Anatolian Shepherd dog.

Anatolian Shepherd: Exercise

Because of their extreme athleticism, an Anatolian Shepherds need to be kept in a larger area where he can run and exercise. Morning walks are great for Anatolian family pets. Anatolians are not suitable for apartments where they cannot freely roam around.

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