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Bad Dog Behaviors (And How To Change Them)

Bad Dog Behaviors (And How To Change Them)

If you are a dog owner, chances are good that you have to had to scold your pet recently. However, a dog owner should always remember one important thing: punishing your dog is not an effective strategy. Unless your dog understands the English language, scolding and punishing them will not produce consistent results.

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Dogs are smarter than given credit for, however and typically learn how to hide their bad behaviors. To give you a hand when it comes to curbing your dog’s bad behavior, let’s discuss some common poor behaviors, as well as methods for changing them.

1. Inappropriate Chewing

Dogs simply can’t help themselves, they have to chew things, especially things that they are not supposed to. It aids them in the process of keeping their clean and helps them to relieve stress and tension that may be building up.

Instead of shouting at your dog when you catch them gnawing on your favorite slippers, provide an item that they are allowed chew on, as to redirect the behavior. Once the dog begins to chew the preferred toy, be sure to lavish them with praise, so that they continue to make the right choices in the future.

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2. Digging Holes Outside

When it comes to digging, this is one of the most rewarding activities that a dog can participate in. To stop this bad behavior, provide your dog with a sandbox or a particular section of the yard where they were allowed to dig.

To direct the dog to the desired digging area, provide clear visual aids and place their toys and treats at the spot where you’d prefer they do their digging.

3. Begging For Table Scraps

Yes, your dog will look adorable when they want you to feed them off the table and they may even be able to make themselves look downright pitiful. However, you can change this commonplace behavior by remaining consistent in how you handle it.

No one in your household should be feeding the dog from the table, under any circumstances, otherwise, the pup will come to expect a meal of its own when you sit down to munch. Give your dog a dinnertime activity to do, so that they remain busy.

4. Urine Marking Inside The Home

All of the bad behaviors that your dog will put you through, this is easily the most disgusting and the one you are likely to have the least amount of tolerance towards. While this behavior is certainly acceptable while the dog is outdoors, it has no place in civilized home.

If you catch your dog marking inside of the house, stopping them with a simple “no” and taking them outside will suffice. From there, simply remove the urine with a strong cleaner that leaves no trace of the old scent.

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