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Choosing A Dog Food

Choosing A Dog Food Info

There are many choices and varieties of dog food available for our four-footed, loyal pets. Deciding what kind of food to feed our most loyal companions can be most overwhelming. There are diets for puppies, older dogs, larger dogs, small dogs, and the list goes on. You have dog food with high protein for active dogs. There is dog food full of vitamins and minerals your dog needs. What is the right type for your dog? How do you decide? What does your veterinarian recommend?

Dogs prefer to eat what their humans eat. Their veterinarians advise against this but we often go ahead feed them scraps anyway. While it may not be what is recommended for them they certainly enjoy it, especially if it is a bone. Dogs also seem to like cat food instead of dog food whenever they get the chance to eat it.

Different dog food manufacturers advertise their food to be better than others. It is your choice as to what brand of food or dry or wet dog food. What does your dog prefer?

Premium Dog Food

Should you feed your dog premium dog food or a generic dog food? Many people have to shop within a budget. Most often they can only afford generic dog food which they say is as good as the premium dog food. Generic dog food often contains animal by-products and artificial preservation. Premium dog foods are usually preserved with vitamin E or C which is one reason premium costs more. The premium costs more, yet it is the better choice for your dog.

What about dry food gear toward various stages of life? Dogs need different percentages of proteins, carbs, and fats at different stages in their lives. It is best to find a food that is for your dog’s current life stage.

Should you give them dry or canned dog food? Dogs tend to like moist food the best but it can be bad for them. Dry dog food is better for oral care. The dry food helps clean their teeth and keeps the gums healthy also.

Another factor may people take into consideration is where was the dog food manufactured/? Most dog food from foreign countries is not bad but purchasing from the United States is preferred because the manufacturing stands are stricter here which means safer foods.

Main Ingredient

Another factor to consider is what is the main ingredient? Some type of meat should be listed first. If the first ingredient listed is a grain or an animal by-product then look for another food.

You have to make the choice that is best for you and your pet. They will appreciate good food they like.