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Destructive Dog Behaviors

Destructive Dog Behaviors Info

Dogs who chew on furniture are problems because they are going to ruin every last piece of furniture that you have in the house. This can be avoided by taking disciplinary action as well as giving them something more productive to chew on.

Believe it or not, some dogs chew simply because they are bored. They need something to chew on for their jaw muscles and because it is ingrained within their breed. When you get a dog, you should find out if they are known for their chewing so that you can be prepared from the time you take them home.

Dog Toys

There are lots of toys out on the market designed for chewing. These will last a considerable amount of time and will ensure that your dog has something that he or she CAN chew on. Kong and other manufacturers make chew toys for every size. As soon as you give your dog a productive alternative to the furniture, they will take it. You can also make the toys taste better by adding peanut butter and other products to them.

Your dog may also be chewing furniture as a way to get your attention. While this is only going to get your dog undesirable attention, he or she does not know that right away. This means that you have to say “No” in a very firm voice so that your dog understands that chewing the furniture is inappropriate behavior. Each time they are caught, you must ensure the same action is taken.

It’s important to have a united force in the house. If you live with others, make sure that everyone takes the same approach with your dog. You don’t want one person saying one thing and someone else saying something else. Everyone needs to tell your dog the same thing so that your dog will learn that he or she is not supposed to be chewing on the furniture.

New Chew Toys

If you have bought your dog chew toys and disciplined them but they are still chewing, there are sprays that you can buy in the pet store that can be sprayed on the furniture. This is essentially a disgusting-tasting spray that will discourage them from chewing on the couch, dining room chair or anything else. If you are going to take this route, be sure to spray it on everything, otherwise they will just move from one piece of furniture to the next.

Your dog probably doesn’t know that they aren’t allowed to chew on the furniture. Most dogs want to act accordingly, so it is up to you to be sure your dog knows what proper behavior is. After a few weeks of discipline, it should get better so that you can save your furniture from canine destruction.