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The Dog Breeds of North America

The Dog Breeds of North America

There are plenty of dog breeds that people have fallen in love with over the generations: from German Shepherds to Irish Setters and Labrador Retrievers. However, these dog breeds are not actually native to North America and were brought over from other countries. There are several popular dog breeds that have been stamped with the “Made in the USA” brand, and are quite unique.

The first of such dog breeds is the Redbone Coonhound. With its red coat, it was initially brought over from Scotland and Ireland, and has been bred to be a hunting dog, especially of bear, cougar and raccoons. Known for being an excellent companion and family pet, they are content to be around their humans, whatever it is they are doing, even if it’s sitting in front of the television all day. They are quite vocal dogs who require a bit of training to get them to heel, given their large size as adults.

Another North American dog breed is the Boston terrier. A cross between bulldogs and the extinct English terrier, they are American through and through, and are so polite and proper that they have been dubbed the “American Gentleman.” They’re known for their happy-go-lucky and friendly personality; however, this comes with very territorial behavior, so it takes a patient owner for training to be successful.

The American Water Spaniel was developed in the mid-19th century to be a fowl hunting and retrieving dog. Their curly hair is quite coarse and dense, keeping water away and protecting them from burs. They are quite eager to please their owners, and enjoy being the center of attention. However, they are sometimes known for being quite stubborn and require patience in having them understand what is expected of them.

The all-purpose farm dog known as the rat terrier has a job fitting to its name. It was bred to kill rats and other vermin that lingered around the farm, minimizing the spread of disease and ensuring that crops and stocks weren’t completely eaten. They are known to have a high drive for digging, but are also quite energetic and lively. They’re highly intelligent and require a lot of exercise and patience to keep under control.

The Plott Hound, which was bred to hunt and drive livestock, has become an American staple of dog breeds. They are quick to learn and very active breeds who are eager to please their owners. They often seek the attention of their human owners and are quite indifferent to other dogs.

What these North American dogs have in common is that they were bred to work. With plenty of jobs to do back in the mid-19th century, people needed dogs to do some of the jobs for them in order to keep them happy and healthy, as well as ensuring survival.

Mike Basi