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Dog Grooming Tips

The Best Dog Grooming Tips for New Pet Owners

Dogs are considered man’s best friend and hence their popularity as pets. Since most pet dogs are normally housed indoors, it is important to have them properly groomed to avoid spreading dirt and germs into the house. Proper grooming also makes it possible for dog owners to keep their pets in the best condition possible both in appearance and health. Pet grooming is not as straight forward as it may sound because different dogs require different grooming techniques due to their different appearances and characteristics. Dog grooming mainly depends on the dog’s hair and housing as well as any specified medical considerations.

Hair Care

Brushing a dog’s fur is important to get rid of the dead skin and hair, as well as to straighten out tangled hair. The regularity of hair brushing is mainly determined by the length and density of the dog’s hair. The first thing is to determine the best tools to use in brushing the dog’s hair. For a short haired dog, a rubber brush is best suited to loosen dead skin and dirt while a bristle brush is used to remove dead hair. Long haired dogs, on the other hand, should be tended to use a slicker brush and then a bristle brush to remove tangles and brush the coat.


Bathing represents one of the trickiest parts of dog grooming. A dog should only be bathed once every three months as regular bathing depletes the skin’s natural oils. This part involves getting your dog into a bathtub and covering it up with dog shampoo; most dogs tend to get playful at this point and may end up wetting the entire bathroom floor and other parts of the house if allowed to run off in the middle of the bath. Always remember to first brush the dog to remove dead skin before commencing the bath. Put a rubber mat at the bottom of the tab to make sure the dog can stand on its feet during the bath.

Nail Care

This represents another aspect of dog grooming that requires a lot of concentration and care. Most dogs are not comfortable with getting their feet touched let alone letting their nails get clipped. It is important to first take the time to make the dog comfortable by getting it used to get its feet touched. Once the dog gets comfortable you can use a guillotine style nail clipper to clip the nails at the part closest to the point where they curve. Take care not to cut into the vein the runs into nails as it will cause bleeding.

Other dog grooming activities mainly depend on special needs of different dog breeds such as those with droopy or hairy ears, wrinkled faces among others. It is always best to consult your veterinary doctor on dog grooming tips for your specific dog breed.

Mike Basi