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Home Safety Tips for Your Dogs

Owning a pet dog is never an easy task for the owner especially when they are sick or injured. One of the major reasons as to why people take care of their pet dog is because they consider their pet to be a close family member, and when it is ill, it is a time of tremendous stress and worry. This is not only related to the pet’s health, but at times also with regards to the cost of treatment. It is certainly impossible to prevent every accident or illness from happening, but as a pet owner, you can take some Home safety tips for pets in the following simple ways:

  • Never feed your dog on bones: As an owner if you wish to provide your dog safe home, then never feed it with bones as it can cause intestinal obstruction which will need emergency surgery. It may also be possible that the bone is lodged in the mouth and therefore causes hindrance while eating and drinking.

  • Don’t change your dog’s food abruptly: The first step towards your Home safety tips for pets is never to give variety in food by changing brands or types of food abruptly. As a result your pet dog may get diarrhoea. The reason for this is that your dog’s intestinal tract is not used to the new food. And for this reason you may be landing up in a huge mess. If you wish to give a variety of food to your dog, you should do it gradually over a week in order to prevent GI upset.

  • Always restrain your dog in your vehicle: As an owner who loves their dog, you will usually take them out for car rides but they have never given a thought as to what would happen if they were involved in a traffic accident. If your dog is unrestrained, he may be injured severely and at time even ejected from the car. If you care for your dog, you must purchase Seat belts for dogs which can be easily found in the pet stores and in this way they can be prevented from any type of injury. You should also not allow your dog to lean out of a window which is open since it will be an accident waiting to happen.

  • Never allow your dogs to get its head into the kitchen garbage pail: This is because most of the garbage can cause serious illnesses which can include pancreatitis, peritonitis and even intestinal obstruction.

  • Vaccinate your puppy: Have your dog vaccinated from time to time so that they may not be able to catch some of the deadliest diseases.

So these are simple methods by which you can give your do a dog safe home.