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How much should you budget annually for your dog?

How much you budget annually for your annually will depend on several factors. After the initial payment for the dog and the ensuing trip to the vet, the remaining costs can be laid out on paper.

Depending on whether or not you already have these things, you will now have to figure in some of the following items to your annual dog budget.



Your dog will need a good food and water dish. A leash and a collar are also required. Depending on how much you want to pamper your new friend you can add in things like toys and other items you may want.

You should decide what kind of food you want to feed your dog and price it accordingly. You can adjust this number once you see how much of it the dog eats within a month’s time, on average. Moist food costs a bit more than dry food. Some people feed their dogs both. Naturally larger dogs will cost more than smaller ones on the food bill. Most of these costs run between $100 and $500 a year.



After the initial veterinarian visit you should budget for scheduled visits throughout the year. Dogs need vaccines annually and they need to be wormed and checked for fleas. It doesn’t hurt to add some extra emergency money into the vet budget in case of emergency. The typical annual vet bills can run between $200 and $250 a year.


dog salon

A big part of your budget will go to grooming. That includes baths, nail trims, and dental care. Doing a lot of this yourself will save you quite a bit. If you take your dog to the doggie salon then expect to spend between $250 and $400 a year.

Travel expenses


Depending on your lifestyle, you might need to budget for travel expenses. Some people have to travel for their work and need sitters to watch their dogs. If not a sitter, then they use a kennel which can add up to a substantial amount over the course of a year. If you board your dog for say 14 days every year the costs can be between $300 and $700 annually.

Dog walkers


If you do this yourself you can save yourself quite a bit of money. However, those who are too busy to walk their dogs usually hire people to do it. If this is you, then add it into the budget. Most dog walkers can be hired out for between $15 and $20 for every half-hour of walking.

When figuring out your budget you can allow leeway in some areas and cut back in others. It all depends on your lifestyle, what kind of dog, how big your dog is, and what exactly you need to properly care for your dog.