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The Finest Hunting Dogs in the World

Dogs make great hunting partners as well as good friends. It is actually believed that Egyptians used the uniquely shaped greyhounds to track down gazelles and other small games. So, dogs have been assisting humans in the hunt since time immemorial. Hunting dogs are exclusively bred to track down and skillfully sniff out shot prey. Hunting dogs desirability depends on the type of terrain you are hunting on, the precise target, how well they are trained, and their size.

The Waterfowl Hunting Dogs

Labrador Retriever. If there is a dog that is exclusively bred to mark, retrieve and deliver small game like waterfowl, it is a Labrador. Labradors are the finest all-around waterfowl hunting dogs – thanks to their physical attributes. They have a thick otter tail for balance and swimming in the water, a compact, muscled body, webbed feet and a double coat for warmth and water repellency. These excellent attributes make the Labradors the best for cold-water retrieving.

Labradors are not just wonderful retrievers; they are intelligent as well. It is their outstanding intelligence that sets them apart from the other retrieving dog breeds. Labradors are great hunting dogs since they easily learn complex concepts involved in field trials. They also learn hand signals from afar while performing blind retrieves, and equally grasp training at a very tender age, even learn whistle signals quickly. Labradors mature faster than other dog breeds.

The Pheasant Hunting Dogs

If you are looking for a loyal dog that always wants to please its owner by retrieving shot game, the English Springer Spaniel is the dog for you. Put them in a pheasant field, and they will never disappoint you, regardless of the run-and-gun nature of pheasants. Thanks to their smaller size and abundant energy levels, English Springer Spaniel hunting dogs are adept in covering ground on the hunt. When a winged pheasant rooster makes a run, these hunting dogs will catch it.
They have stronger retrieving instincts than the pointing dog breeds. English Springer Spaniel’s are flushing dogs; they can sure course an upland field of cattails and corn and put the birds up. They are also capable of pulling a Labrador in the waterfowl realm, but certainly cannot beat the Labradors in their own turf. These pheasant hunting dogs have biddable disposition, overall pleasant personality and a good nose for good measure.

The Rabbit Hunting Dogs

In the pursuit of a rabbit, Beagles will simply embody the excitement of the hunt and incessantly bark and bay throughout the chasing. Beagles are great hunting dogs that will chase a bunny in circles just to give the hunter an excellent shot. Since time immemorial, Beagles have been used to hunt small game, thanks to their fine character, vigor, and a great nose for scenting abilities.

Mike Basi