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New Years Resolutions For Your Dog

Happy New Years! Just like you are starting your list of New Year’s resolutions for yourself fido needs a few of his own. Your dog wants to be the best pet you’ve ever had. He loves praise and attention. Helping your dog reach his goals will create a happy pet and pet owner

Portion Control

Many pets are overfed because simply we eyeball their food and don’t measure it out. Sometimes we get in a rush and just pour the food in fido’s bowl. Do your do a favor this year measure out his food. An overweight dog is more like to encounter more serious illnesses later in life.

Tip: Pre-measure out your dog’s food and put them in separate zip lock bags for each day of the week. Just grab one fill the bowl and go.

Age appropriate diet

Is your dog still eating the same food he ate as a puppy? Your adult dog may have higher energy requirements and your senior dog may have lower energy requirements. Dog food is specifically designed to address your dog’s nutritional needs. Make sure that your do is eating the right food for the stage of life he is in.

Tip: If you are unsure which dog food is right for your do ask your Veterinarian.

Get physical

No matter how big your yard is or how small your dog maybe, you dog needs exercise. It’s also a great way to bond with your pet. Don’t just let your pet out the back, play with him too! A little aerobic exercise is just as good for your heart as it is for you dogs. Something as silly as tug a war with a sock is enough to let your pet know you love him and get his heart racing in a good way for his health.

Tip: Try a meet up groups so that you and your pet can have some company. There are many doggie meet ups that incorporates everything from hiking to kayaking.

Stay healthy

See your Veterinarian at least once a year. Seeing a vet is a preventative measure against many conditions like diabetes, obesity, and arthritis. During these visit you can talk to your vet about your pets food and get their opinion on a variety of subjects including pet behavior.

Tip: If you routinely forget this appointment schedule it for the day before or after your birthday.

Start a grooming routine

Make sure to groom you pet daily. A daily grooming routine helps to remove excessive fur which reduces the amount he sheds on your clothes and furniture. It also helps create a shiny healthy coat. Grooming is another great way to bond with your pet. Your grooming routine should always end with a good brushing of your dog’s teeth. Daily brushing helps reduce tarter and decay for your dog just like it does in humans. Remember to use doggy toothpaste.

Tip: Don’t think you have time to groom your dog every day? You can easily groom your dog while you are watching your favorite show, or make It your routine before you go to bed at night.

Mike Basi