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Potty Training Your Dog

Potty Training Your Dog; What Really Works?

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As we all know, potty training a puppy is no easy task. Trying to stay on top of it has its’ difficulties, and there are times when you may get caught off guard by some of their ‘surprises’. Here are some tips that we think are a good foundation in house training your pet.

Designate a ‘Potty Spot’

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You have to stay consistent, and get your pet into a routine. Find a place where they like to go (outside), and make sure to take them there every time. By teaching them that is the appropriate place to go to the bathroom, they will hop into a routine. Try using a certain part of the yard; whether it be the front yard ,back yard, side yard, there are options!

Puppies go to the bathroom – A LOT

Be sure to tend to your pet frequently; try taking them out every 2-3 hours to avoid accidents. Just like a baby, they can’t control it, or know when to go – be pro-active! Also, make sure to let them out 15-25 minutes after eating or sleeping.

Rewards for a Job Well Done

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Just like a human, we all like being rewarded for doing a good job. Enforce a successful bathroom break with a small treat, affection, or whatever you decide is up to par.

When You Are Not Home

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If you and the hubby are going out, and have to pen up the dog, be sure to line the bottom of the crate with some newspaper, or something to absorb any ‘accidents’ that may occur. Be ready for the crying and pouting, it just means they love you, and can’t wait for you to be home.