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Running With Your Dog

Running With Your Dog Info

Today’s topic is running with your dog. As an active runner, I always worry about how my running partner is holding up.

Make sure to keep a nice pace with your pet, if they want to stop, let them; if you want to stop, they may want to as well.

A Natural Great Alternative

Running with your dog is a great alternative for interval training, as it incorporates more stop and go, rather than a constant pace.

Be sure to carry water for yourself, your furry friend, and I suggest a collapsible for hotter days, or longer runs.

Another key point is to make sure the dog has the stature built for running with their owner. A retriever is more fit for the job than a yorkie – just use your best judgement.

Stay within Limits

Don’t assume dogs can run forever, they too, like humans, need conditioning. Start a routine, and build from it, don’t overexpect anything from your pet, and always stay mindful.

Just like walks, always bring some plastic bags for the special trip your dog may make to the neighbors yard!

Give Trust to Earn Trust

On the leash vs off the leash – If your pet is well trained, and knows how to stay by you off the leash, let them go without it. If they have not been experienced enough, make sure to take a leash that is comfortable for both of you.

Are you both having a good time? Don’t forget your hobby is now not only yours, it is your dog’s as well.