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Separation Anxiety in Dogs – Bow Wow Blues?

If you have owned a dog, you are used to the daily routine of going home from work. Dogs will show their undying affection for you as if you have been missing for months. This is then proceeded by them following you around, and eventually a saddening pout as you leave the house again. Obviously our pets care for us, and don’t want us to leave; but what is causing this separation anxiety in dogs, and how do take care of it?

Time To Say Goodbye 

People make a habit of giving signs to a dog that they are leaving: jingling keys, saying goodbye, placing them in the crate. You have to make a habit of prepping them before hand to avoid the crying, pouting, and guilt trip they place on us. Say goodbye to your pet half an hour before you leave. This will make them comfortable with the fact you are leaving, and let them prep for it.

It May Not be Their Fault –

If a dog has separation anxiety, you have to think of a couple of things. Was your dog adopted, you can’t blame them for neglectful owners. Did they have a traumatic experience, PTSD is a problem, and it does exist.

Coping with Separation Anxiety – 

If your dog is prepared to bathe you in kisses when you get home, that may be one of the causes. The instant interaction causes them to prepare for it when you get home. Try ignoring your pet, for as hard as it is, for about five minutes when you get home. That will have your dog adjust to the time when you are home, without being overly excited.

Limit The Destruction –

If you have had a needy dog, you know what that means. They get mad, and start chewing whatever they can. Plan out a safe room for them with space, a window, and some water. Give them room to vent, without venting on your prized couch pillows.

Show Assertiveness – 

One last tip is to stand up to your dog. You can’t melt into the dog voice at all times. If you want your pet to conquer its’ pet anxiety, one must stay assertive, and not give into every whimper.