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Stimulate And Exercise Your Dog

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When you work all day, your four-legged best friend, companion and pet looks forward to your return for some much needed interactive playtime. There are many toys on the market that will keep your pet occupied and active not only while you are away, but when playing with you too.

The best type of dog toys for your pet are the type that will stimulate their brains and prevent any negative, disruptive behavior while you are away. For the dogs that love to chew, getting sturdy rubber based chew toys, based on the size of your pet, will not only exercise the jaw and mouth, but give hours of fun. The rubber toys are durable and your dog will enjoy chewing when left alone for periods of time. Choose the toy based not only on your dog’s size, but also the chewing aggressiveness that your dog exhibits.

Interactive Play

For interactive play, a vinyl or cloth ball or rope will give hours of fun and play. Ropes with knots at either end will give the satisfaction of pulling, and exercise the muscles in all four of the dog’s legs. Vinyl or rubber balls, or cloth with squeaky toys built in, will provide for hours of amusement for your dog. The ball will keep their attention due to the noise and they will enjoy playing fetch with you. They will bat the ball around with their nose when they are alone to keep themselves occupied. The balls can be football shaped or simple round shaped for hours of fun.

For the dogs that love to cuddle or lay around, but exhibit loneliness when you are gone, soft and plush toys will keep them company and they can snuggle up with them at rest time. The toys are soft and can be carried around from room to room. Soft, plush toys are not recommended for the aggressive chewers in your home, this would cause distress for the dog and a mess for the owner when they return home.

Rawhide Chews

Rawhide chews and bones made of rawhide will provide a dental benefit by removing plaque from your dog’s teeth. The chews and bones will provide hours of chewing fun and exercise for your dog’s jaws and mouth. This prevents chewing shoes or other objects within the dog’s reach when you are away from home.

Many dogs seem to enjoy playing fetch. If you have a yard or are able to get to an area where there is plenty of running space, playing fetch with a Frisbee will give your beloved pet plenty of fresh air and exercise, and also the much needed time with you that they desire.