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Tips for Finding Your Lost Dog

Tips for Finding Your Lost Dog Info

How to Find Your Dog When They Runaway

How do we go about finding a runaway dog? There are several things that one can do. One of the first places to check would be the dog pound or animal shelter. Often people put up signs around the community with a picture of the dog and offering reward for the return. Flyers could also be handed out to people in the area with a picture of the dog and your contact information so you can be contacted if he is found. Others will place an advertisement in a new paper. People will drive around the area in search of their lost dog. People post on social networks when they have a missing dog. Some will call neighbors and ask if they have seen their missing dog.

It has been advised not to chase after your dog if it runs away. The dog will think you are playing a game and keep going. You will lose track of them and their location. Be patient and they will come to you.

Open your gate or your front door to try to get the dog to come back to inside the house. He may be enticed to come in with food or a treat. Be prepared to close the gate or door if he comes back in. He will probably be tired form his adventure and ready to take a nap. Someone should be at home in case the scampering pet decides to come home.

You could follow along in your car and see if you can get him to join you for a ride. You might take along his favorite toy as a means to entice him into the car.

In our days of modern technology owners will have a chip implanted and the wandering friend can be found. If he is turned in to a veterinarian or a shelter he will be scanned and you will be contacted. This could be one of the best ideas if you have a pet who likes to run away a lot.

Sometimes if you give a dog away or sell it, it will run away and return to your home no matter how far you live from the new home. The dog is being loyal to its known master.

Putting up a fence around your yard would be a preventive measure to insure the pooch will remain at home after he is found.