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Top Five Common Dogs in India

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Top Five Common Dogs in India: Distinct Characteristics and More

There will not be an argument regarding dog being the man’s best friend. Because dogs were considered the first few animals to be domesticated, we have a massive understanding of how to properly take care of them. Dogs are one of those favourite pets, which are trained to do tricks, breed and even trained by police authorities. The types of dogs that are usually used as pets are also determined by geographical location. Huskies tend to thrive in colder climates. India is commonly known to have bred their pedigree of dogs. But what are top dogs in India?

Dog Name: Indian Pariah

The Indian Pariah is one of the most common dogs in India, which is commonly found on the busy streets of India. Indian Pariah is also called by the name of pie dog, pi dog or the Indian native dog. The Indian Pariah stands at about 25 to 30 inches in its full height and usually come in full black or spotted brown colour. This particular Indian dog can be found in the majority of the regions in India.

Dog Name: Rajapalayam

Rajapalayam belongs to the top dogs in India because of being a strong version of the sight hound. It measures about 35 to 40 inches in its adult height and usually comes in milky white, black and brown colours. The fur of Rajapalayam is characteristically shiny as it resembles a thick coat. Rajapalayam has a heavier bone mineral density, making them a really strong race dog. The Rajapalayam can usually be found in Southern parts of India.

Dog Name: Mudhol Hound

The Mudhol hound is another common breed of dogs in India. This particular Indian dog breed is usually seen among caravan and plays. Whenever you go to a festival or circus in India, you will most likely see the Mudhol hound because this type of dog breed can learn tricks easier than any other dogs in India. The Mudhol hound comes in red, cream or grey colour. They have a characteristically narrow head with low set ears. The Mudhol hound is usually found in Karnataka, Maharashtra and Andrah Pradesh region.

Dog Name: Gaddi Kutta

This is one of the most liked dogs in India. The Gaddi Kutta is a thick-furred dog with low cropped ears. Gaddi Kutta has a deep muscular chest and usually measures 25 to 30 inches in its adult height. Gaddi Kutta is also known as Indian Gaddi and Gaddi watchdog. Gaddi Kutta is a very athletic dog because of a significant amount of lean body mass. They have strong and powerful hind legs. Breed of this type is usually found in northern parts of India.

Dog Name: Indian Combai

The Indian Combai is considered the most savage dogs in India. They quite resemble a Rajapalayam. Indian Combai has very strong jaws making them really good bodyguards. Police authorities in India have been training Indian Combai as a companion and for security purposes. Indian Combai stands sturdy, usually in deep brown colour. They can be found in Southern parts of India.

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