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Turf Wars with Your Dog

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Very Protective

We all know how our front lawns look after having a dog for a couple of years. Whether they have torn up the law from running, bleached spots on the grass, or carved paths from their travels, this article gives some great tips on how to improve the look of your lawn – without your canine taking offense.

Map their Route

Map Their Route – A great start is asking yourself, does my dog take the same way to the tree every time? Maybe it is time to conveniently place an obstacle in the way to save your lawn. If you are more lenient towards your dog, maybe a nice layer of gravel or small stone to make it more of a privileged travel.

Sick of Dead Spots

Sick of Dead Spots – Maintain a lush lawn if you can’t handle the bare spots. Look into different types of grass to plant that can handle their bathroom breaks. Keep your grass watered and well seeded to keep it vibrant – your pet may appreciate it.

Saftey First

Safety First – Are your neighbors frequently in your yard, and your canine friend isn’t their biggest fan? Maybe it is time to look into getting a fence, an electric fence, or train them to know their boundaries. Depending on how your dog reacts to visitors, you may want to pick a different route.

Redirect the Dig

Redirect the Dig – If your dog loves digging, let them! Designate a place in the yard where they can safely dig, away from everyone else, and they can do what they want. Try not to make it too large, and try burying some treats for them to give them a reason to keep coming back!

This should make your yard maintenance calendar a little less laborious!